Lookbook A/​W 2015/​16 Men

Images: Sebas­t­ian Donath (neon​colour​.com)

Mod­el: Kieron
Shoes: Velt

Collection description “Space Oddity”

Inspired by both the Bauhaus-School of design and the menswear clas­sics the new col­lec­tion carves out the spa­tial dimen­sion of the mas­cu­line body by under­lin­ing the spa­tial­i­ty of gar­ments. Strong archi­tec­tur­al lines and geo­met­ric forms. Inter­wo­ven lay­er­ings. Patch pleats which pro­vide width. Supris­ing details which sub­tly let the side- and back view stand out from the frontal look. Sub­tle con­trasts between mut­ed col­ors are attained by a slight­ly twist­ed grain line with­in the same fab­rics. Peel seems dis­close the con­struc­tion of the gar­ments. A play with sur­faces, lay­ers, and spaces. Cuts are razor pre­cise and clear. The col­ors are mut­ed: anthracite meets light grey, bluish grey becomes steel-blue and then mid­night blue, shades of petrol and fir green, togeth­er with berry red set coun­ter­points. The fab­rics made from nat­ur­al fibers are del­i­cate. The expres­sion of the Post-Clas­sics ranges from urban chic to min­i­mal­is­tic elegance.

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