Video The BMW Vision iNEXT – In Arcadia.


“What will the next chapter of mobility hold?” BMW writes, “The future is filled with anticipation, excitement and progression. Open the first page and join us on our journey together. Introducing the #BMW #VisioniNEXT.”

It was our pleasure and privilege to endorse the male character of this visionary ARCADIA production for a visionary car with BRACHMANN styles fom our menswear line, making the male character look edgy and future forward.


Styling: Julius Forgo (Basics Berlin)

Art Director: Uta Bodenstein (BMW)

Project leader: Florian Ströhlein (BMW)

Director of Photography: Julia Obermeier (BMW)

Editor: Jörn Falldorf

Writer & Director: Daniel Eceolaza

Production: Erste Liebe Film

Producer: Caro Klass & Michael Hahn

Execproducer: Fabian Heine

Production Manager: Fanni Verbovski

Camera: Dennis Guth, Maher Maleh

Set Art: Richard Illes

Lineproducer: Tom Wendt

Actor: Yilmaz Adam Bay Raktar

Actress: Maya Sriqui

Music: Kid Simius & Kilnamana

Hair & Make Up: Aylin Halman & Laura Neidert

Styling assistant: Noemi Hani, Anna Kovalik, Kenzi Valentine, Camille Delfs

Production Budapest: Anna Szijarto (Kinomo.TV)

Lineproducer: Anna Moto Szijarto[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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