Inspired by both the Bauhaus-School of design and the menswear classics, the new collection carves out the spatial dimension of the masculine body by underlining the spatiality of garments. Strong architectural lines and geometric forms. Interwoven layerings. Patch pleats which provide width. Suprising details which subtly let the side- and back view stand out from the frontal look. Subtle contrasts between muted colors are attained by a slightly twisted grain line within the same fabrics. Peel seems disclose the construction of the garments. A play with surfaces, layers, and spaces. Cuts are razor precise and clear. The colors are muted: anthracite meets light grey, bluish grey becomes steel-blue and then midnight blue, shades of petrol and fir green, together with berry red set counterpoints. The fabrics made from natural fibers are delicate. The expression of the Post-Classics ranges from urban chic to minimalist elegance.


Images: Sebastian Donath (

Model: Kieron

Shoes: Velt

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